Backorder Information

A message To Our Valued Customers:

I wanted to provide those of you whom have placed orders with American Tombow, Inc. for Tombow Dual-Brush Markers and Colored Pencils an update on our efforts to increase production and its effect on the availability of product to fill your orders.

As you have experienced, the recent surge in the Tombow Dual-Brush Markers and Colored Pencils due to the adult coloring trend combined American Tombow’s aggressive marketing and social media efforts have created a product shortage for which we are very concerned and sorry about. I wanted to let you know that rectifying this situation has been a major priority for American Tombow and our parent company Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan over the past few months.

Immediate steps have been taken and implemented to rapidly increase the overall production capabilities at all factories responsible for the production of these highly sought after products. Additional manufacturing capacity at Tombow factories, combined with increased molding capability have been implemented and will result in greater availability and quantities in the coming months.

While we can’t solve the situation overnight, I did want to let you know that we are working feverishly to address and remedy this as quickly as possible. For those of you whom have not been able to receive products when ordered, we sincerely apologize for the current situation and ask for your continued patience and support. Should you have questions regarding a specific order that has been placed or wish to obtain an update on the progress being made to increase capacity please email us at or call one of our Customer Care representatives at (800) 835-3232 or (678) 318-3344 ext. 511.

Again, we appreciate your continued support and patience as we work through this temporary situation.

Best Regards,



Jeffery A. Hinn


American Tombow, Inc.