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Ultimate Craft Collection

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Ultimate Craft Creativity Collection is brimming with everything you need for crafting beautiful projects. All products are stored in a Tombow high-quality canvas tote bag with interior modularization for versatile storage, a front zip pocket and side mesh pockets. Available in two colors: lavender/lime green or black/charcoal gray.

This all-inclusive collection contains:

  • Three Dual Brush Pen Sets Including Two colorless Blender Pens

  • Mono Twin Permanent Black Marker

  • Blending Palette

  • Blending Mister

  • Desk Stand for marker storage and organization

  • Three Irojiten Colored Pencil Sets

  • Multi Liquid Glue

  • Permanent Adhesive Tape Runner

  • Refillable Dual-function Dot Stamp Runner

  • Aqua Liquid Glue

  • Mono Glue Pen

  • Power AdhesiveTabs

  • Fastener Adhesive Tabs

  • Foam Adhesive Tabs

  • Lavender/Lime Green Tombow Tote

  • Savings of 40% over buying each product individually

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Additional Information

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I just bought this bundle and was like a little kid in a candy shop when I opened it.

Let me first say I have over 30+ years as an artist, crafter and graphic designer under my belt. If you are like me you can be a bit Leary about your tools. I discovered Tombow at a trade show at the Japan Fest in Georgia. This gave me the opportunity to see the quality of their items and unfortunately the expense that goes with it.

However I think that a couple of things here are very important to share with you. First sometimes expensive really does mean quality. I had often looked at getting many of the pieces in this set separately and was thrilled when I saw they bundled them together. But at the same time if you are like me, (I was not leary about the quality as I had covered that part earlier) I was hesitant of the the fact that they also do not give you enough detail as to what EXACTLY is included in this bundle. But I was excited to get some of the things in this bundle that I wanted for a Cyber Sale deal so I bit the bullet and ordered it and was super glad I did.

So I want to do you and Tombow a favor. Since I love them and I want to also encourage you to visit my website for many fun things that you can use Tombow stuff with. So here is a list of exactly what I got in this set. Go get a pen and some paper as this will be extensive. Now also please keep in mind that I do not know if they vary the product in the tote and maybe that is why they don't give exact specifics but as of this date 12/4/2014 here is what will be in your tote:

The Tote: Tote dimensions: 12" X 9" X 10" 3 Stars out of 5
Now this doesn't sound big but this was so much larger in person than I thought. The description on another page says it is heavy duty canvas. NO. This is that new canvas material everyone is using that they make lunch totes out of. It feels somewhat thin. The straps are made of a cheap flexible weave and not that of what you would find on a nice camera bag. They also should have used a heavier zipper. Because the pockets are extra generous which is a plus, the zippers have a tendency to get caught. Not on the material itself but on the track trying to compensate for folds or bends. I find myself having to pinch the end and pulling it taught to ensure the zipper runs along. The cool thing is there are little loops at the end of the trail that you can feed the little string ropes from the zippers through. You could technically add a lock to it if you wanted to which is what I did when going to art school. Now the super cool thing about this bag is that the stand that comes with for the markers does fit in the bag with the markers in it just like the photo shows. (Look at the bag separately for these photos). Now for the money the bag is worth it because it holds a LOT of stuff. Two stretchy mesh pockets on the outsides left and right and the ceiling inside the bag. The front pocket is quite large and could easily hold 3 or 4 cans of soda on their sides. The inside comes with 2 velcro panels to adjust the middle from 3 compartments to one. As of right now I have the Marker stand set up in the center and have two sets of the color pencils, (Woodland set & Rainforest) still inside their boxes side by side in the right compartment and still have a very generous 3"X9" compartment on the far left side for all the tabs/stickies that came in the bundle. Final thoughts? Design 5 stars. Material made from 3 Stars. Usability/size/roominess 5 Stars. Love it.

Three Dual Brush Pen Sets Including Two colorless Blender Pens:
26 pieces total. Here are the numbers you get. (Sorry not in order) 528, 476,249,158,055,993,245,679,925,679,026,933,636,947,847,977,969,856,879,837,703,(2) N15,N35, (2) N00 The two N15's are Black and the two N00's are the colorless blenders. A descent amount of colors I would have liked to have gotten maybe one lighter blue. But this is a very suitable beginner set as it has every ROYGBIV variation and 2 blacks which are always a plus. Final thoughts? 5 Stars! Look these pens up they have dual tips. A fine point tip and a water color brush type. Nice.

Mono Twin Permanent Black Marker
One of these but I swear I am ordering more of these they are SO COOL. It has a Sharpie like fine tip and an even finer tip and they flow beautifully. Figure for those of you into point size on tips a .01 and the other is half that.

Blending Palette: This is just a little postcard with the Dual Brush Pen #s and color next to it so you could use it to order the pens you want. The card has a gloss coat to it and could be used to blend colors on the backside but I probably wouldn't as it makes a better reference tool. It is more a post card material and may deteriorate over time. If you really need a pallet to blend the markers try this. Take the markers out of the boxes when you get them and insert them into your new marker holder. Then using scissors cut the clear plastic marker boxes into pallets the size you want. Since they are clear you can blend your color and place the clear pallet on top of your project to see what it would look like before you apply it. Wash them with soap and water. Now you have recycled and the earth is happy with you. Final thoughts? Neat little card for reference.

Blending Mister: Huh. A small empty plastic larger trial size perfume mister. Yep its in the bag...what IS this thing anyway. Final thoughts? I have none.

Desk Stand For Marker Storage: Fits in the bag or on the desk. Great thing is you can put more than just your markers in it. I have my markers, pencils, glue pen, regular pens etc. in it. Its great for all of those pen like materials and holds them all upright in my tote. Now you probably would like to know how many markers this thing holds. Really? You want me to count them don't you. HA! Don't have to since they tell you in the product description on another page. 96 Total. But would be nice to know without having to look everything up for this set. Final Thoughts? Love it. 5 stars. Need to get more for all my other pencils and paint brushes too.

Three Irojiten Colored Pencil Sets:
15 pieces total. Here are the colors you get. (Sorry not in order): Dazzling Sun, Dandelion, Parrot Green, Rose Pink, Plastic Pink, Crocus, Mint Green, Straw Yellow, King Fisher, Lightning Yellow, Celeste Blue, Flash Green, Cherry Red, Surprise Red, Iris Violet. If one were to look at the variations you sort of have 3 yellows, 3 reds, 3 greens, 2 blues, 2 purples, 1 orange. You can pretty much blend out any of these colors to achieve colors in between. So again a descent ROYGBIV combination. I would have liked to have seen a black, brown, grey included with the set. Final thoughts? 4 Stars a pencil set is not complete without the darker colors. The quality of Tombow pencils win out though and this is a nice starter set.

Multi Liquid Glue: WOW ok WOW I didn't even know something like this existed so I was really happy with this and want more! This is a permanent bond glue BUT if you let it sit exposed on your paper item for 2-3 minutes it becomes tacky like sticky notes. You then can use your item like a sticky note by adhering it and removing it and re adhering it again. .88 Oz with a broad tip applicator. Final Thoughts? 5 STARS Add more to this package OMG this stuff is insane. NEED MORE!

Permanent Adhesive Tape Runner: I opened this one already and it doesn't tell me the amount that is inside (EEK). However the quality of the tape is super sticky and easy to work with. Doesn't goo/string all over like some. Appears to be refillable as it has thumb tabs on each side of the unit so a nice plus. And there seems to be a good amount inside. Final thoughts? Better quality then most I have worked with. I have used 3M which I would say this is comparable to but better than Duck brand, Ehlmers, and others. 5 Stars.

Refillable Dual-function Dot Stamp Runner: Again super cool didn't even know something like this existed. Have to thank Tombow for making life easier. Cap design falls off too easy and wish it were like the permanent adhesive above that has a cap that flips down and secures without removing it from the unit. However this thing has dual sides. You lay it flat to use it for running adhesive or on its end to make dots of adhesive. What you need to know about this unit they don't really tell you in the instructions. It is rather tough to stamp the unit so to use it flawlessly as a stamper do not hold onto the grey area at all. Be sure to grip either side of the pink grips by nestling the bottom towards your palm. Using your thumb on one side and your fingers on the other. Then resting it on your project slide the pink grip down. You may have to slide the grip back up into place as when it punches it doesn't always go back. It works well for a dot of adhesive and your item is set for repositioning too. Final Thoughts? 4 Stars due to it being a bit bulky and not always sliding back in place. Could use more adhesive on the real too. Concept and product over all 5 stars. Cool stuff.

Aqua Liquid Glue: 1.69 Oz has a broad tip and pen tip applicator. Clear and dries clear and has a permanent bond. Fantastic amount of glue and great design. Final Thoughts? 5 Stars not much more to say.

Mono Glue Pen: This is so clever love it and it fits in the marker holder. it is basically a ball point pen with permanent bond for precision glue – use for fonts, intricate paper cuttings, quilling, rhinestones, beads and glitter. Easy to hold pen applicator. Non squeeze glue flows like a ballpoint pen for pinpoint coverage drying instantly. No mess and won’t stick to your hands – wipes clean without water, leaving no residue or damage to project. .0 mm line width - great for intricate details and it is 0.9 ml. Final thoughts? Yep I plagiarized this one but its so cool and I didn't want to miss a detail. 5 Stars.

Power Adhesive Tabs: 48 of these little guys and they are a 1/4 of an inch square. SUPER thin maybe 1 ml tall. One tab holds 6.5 oz Now think about that. Thats about 3-4 of those Aqua bottles of glue. Together...one tab...AMAZING. And the best part? Works on magnets, metal, wood, ceramics more. So you can make magnets or use them to adhere jewelry all kinds of cool stuff. Final thoughts? Oh yeah 5 stars...maybe 10 on this one.

Fastener Adhesive Tabs: 24 paired. These are like male/female Velcro tabs. They are super thin about 1 ml. Can use them for journal closures, pocket closures etc. can be cut to size too. Final Thoughts? 5 stars. Leaves no bumps/impressions on project oh yeah!

Foam Adhesive Tabs: 414 small & 50 Large double sided sticky. These are little foam tabs to create 3D layering effects on your projects. They are non crush-able and thin so layering effects will appear floating. Very nice stay in place and can use on paper glass and metal. Final Thoughts? 5 Stars. Not much more to say other than we are done!

I hope this helped to enlighten you in your choice to purchase this awesome bundle though they sell out fast I am sure you wondered what exactly you get and though the picture helps a little, knowing full details can make or break. Visit me at GrafXQuest.com for free vintage images for crafting and so much more. My best! ~Lady T
December 4, 2014