Irojiten Adult Coloring Set, Vivid Zoom

Irojiten Adult Coloring Set, Vivid

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Premium colored pencils crafted with cedar wood and hard, dense lead for precise details and sharp lines. Perfectly centered lead core is adhered throughout the wood casing for break resistant, evenly sharpened lead. Strong pigment for deep color saturation that stays crisp and vibrant when blending and layering. White enamel finish offers a comfortable, fatigue free surface when holding for long periods. Colored pencil eraser cleanly removes colored pencil markings and can be used to create highlights. Set includes 12 colored pencils, sharpener and colored pencil eraser. Available in two pre-sorted color selections – Vivid and Tranquil.

  • Set includes 12 colored pencils, sharpener and colored pencil eraser

  • Premium colored pencils with elegant enamel finish

  • Eraser cleanly removes colored pencil markings

  • AP Certified

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Colors Included


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Additional Information

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Excellent set of vivid colored pencils! Review by Tim Jeffs
Fantastic grouping of colors for bolder, brighter drawings. These pencils are wonderful to use and the colors are intense, bright and lay down on paper extremely well. I prefer pencils that hold a very sharp point when they are sharpened, and won't break under pressure. I'm pretty hard on my pencils, and have a heavy hand, and I was pleasantly surprised how strong the lead was, and how sharp the tips remained. They never broke in my electric pencil sharpener, and always sharpened to a very fine point. The round shape and smooth enamel outer finish sits nicely in your hand and is very comfortable to hold. The hand sharpener is a very nice addition and the sand eraser came in very useful. I liked how the eraser worked so much that it replace the eraser I've been using for years, which wasn't as effective. I highly recommend this set! (Posted on 8/23/16)
Smooth, BRIGHTReview by Peggy
Vivid is an understatement, these pencils are BRIGHT. They're very smooth, and sturdier than Prismacolor. The pinks are very similar in color but with different tones, so if you like neon pink, you're set. I'm fond of the orange and green. It's like they GLOW. (Posted on 5/17/16)
Smooth, yet strong colored pencilsReview by debbiedee
A couple of weeks ago, I received the Colored Pencils Tranquil Set. It comes with 12 colored pencils, a sharpener, and sand eraser. Each of the pencils come unsharpened and the sharpener sharpens them perfectly, crisp, and clean. The eraser is perfect for taking care of those little "oops" or to lighten the coloring if you change your mind. You can also color a solid image and then use the eraser to make designs into your solid coloring. I like to use Gamsol to blend and smooth out the color even more. I highly recommend giving these colored pencils a try. (Posted on 5/13/16)
Big punch of colour!Review by Kelly Creates
The name VIVID is perfect for this set. Wow...the colours really pop! I am only familiar with my kids color pencils from school and these in comparison are simply amazing. That beautiful white enamel exterior and the hardness of the wood interior lets me colour forever without wearing or breakage. Love them! (Posted on 5/13/16)
Smooth pencilsReview by craftinginla
I recently received a set of these pencils and I wasn't sure what to do with them. (besides the obvious) Once I put the pencils to some paper and started coloring...OMG they put down color so well. I was also super excited to receive a sharpener and a sand eraser in the pack for when I went outside the lines - and I did. I wasn't disappointed with the pencils. A huge step up from my previous colored pencils. (Posted on 5/11/16)
Addicted to these Pencils!Review by Jeri
These pencils are by far my favorite, ever! They offer such a wide shade variation when coloring. Even, barely pressing the pencil to the paper, the color glides on so smooth, go over that area as much as you want, to create a beautiful, smooth color transition from light to dark. They sharpen very smooth with the included pencil sharpener. Also included is the amazing Sand Eraser! I used this to go back over my color transitions, lightly, and it blends the color even more! I am addicted, and I think I will be taking these with me every where I go! (Posted on 5/5/16)
Unexpected Surprise! The Colors are AMAZINGReview by Kiley
I really thought all colored pencils were the same.....I ate my words with the Irojiten colored pencils. I have both the 'Vivid' and the 'Tranquil' sets and can not choose a favorite. The neon colors in the 'Vivid' set are actually neon...something I was not expecting from a pencil. The pastel colors in the 'Tranquil' set are so buttery. These pencils blend really well, they offer a wonderful, unusual variety of color choices, and the sharpener and mono sand eraser elevates these packs to an A++++. Can't rave enough about them! (Posted on 5/5/16)
Super smooth!Review by Heycalebmorris
These pencils are some of the smoothest I've had the chance to work with! The color lays down evenly and let's you concentrate on the fun part, making it look cool.

The colors in this set definitely live up to their name, each one is very bright and can add a totally new look to your work or use one or two of these pencils to compliment a more subtle palette. (Posted on 5/5/16)
Bright, Vibrant PencilsReview by Amy L.
These colored pencils are easy to sharpen, smooth to color with, and produce bright, vibrant colors no matter what type of project you are using them for. They'd be great for adult coloring, sketching, lettering, scrapbooking, and anything else you can imagine.The sand eraser is amazing and can easily take care of any mistakes. I definitely recommend this set! (Posted on 5/4/16)
Smooth and BeautifulReview by Marjolaine
I'm not an expert with coloring pencils but I know enough to know what I like. I like pencils that don't keep breaking when you sharpen them...check! I like smooth application without any scratchiness...check! I like rich color...check! The vivid set is vibrantly beautiful and I love it a lot! (Posted on 5/4/16)
Love these!) Review by Jentmomof3
I have used these to color i my bible journal and the colors are gorgeous! Great quality! (Posted on 5/4/16)
Itojiten for the WINReview by Scrappy Chick
As a life long crafter, I cannot tell you how many sets of coloured pencils I have owned over the years. I recently got the Irojiten- Vivid set of pencils, I wanted them for stamping, card making and occasionally adult colouring. When colouring I want a true, rich filled in look and that is exactly what I got with these pencils. Some pencils out there have almost a wacky colouring feel, but not these. These pencils are smooth to fill with, blend with and the end result is a rich colour true to the colour on the pencil itself.

Thank you so much, I look forward to getting my hands on the rest of the colour sets. (Posted on 5/4/16)
AMAZINGLY Smooth!Review by Katie Smith
I'm a newbie to colored pencils as I usually work with other mediums, such as markers and watercolors, but after receiving a pack of the Irojiten colored pencils in Vivid I am going to be using colored pencils in my art a lot more often!
I was amazed at how smooth these pencils were. They go on the paper so nice and the colors blend extremely well. Great for both coloring books & more traditional drawing! (Posted on 5/4/16)
Vivacious and Very VividReview by Ann
I truly love these Irojiten Pencils I received. I got the Vivid colours and I could not be more pleased with them. Not only are the colours very vivid, and vibrant but the quality of the pencils is very impressive. The leads are just so smooth, and the pencils are solid. I like that the set contains a super sand eraser ( a must have) and an awesome sharpener. I highly recommend this set to all my Designer and Crafty friends! (Posted on 5/4/16)
Best Colored Pencils I've Ever UsedReview by ML Russell
I recently received the pack of Vivid Irojiten colored pencils. The pack came with a sharpener and the Tombow Mono Sand Eraser. I've used other color pencils before but these pencils are so creamy, so easy to blend and worked amazingly well with my Gambol and blending stumps. I love it so much that I ordered the Tranquil set. You will not be disappointed with these pencils. (Posted on 5/4/16)

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